Complete Level One Set

Complete Level One Set

Scope and Sequence
Numeration: Base 10 numbers 1-999, amounts of $0.01-$999.99, Cardinal vs. Ordinal numbers, and meaning and function of zero in addition.
Operations: Concept of addition, addition facts to 18, single- and multi-digit column addition, regrouping in addition, and the commutative property of addition.
Place Value: Chip trading in Base 10; counting, trading, and recording pennies, dimes, ones, tens, and hundreds; meaning, placement, structures, and functions of ones, tens, and hundreds in Base 10 whole and rational number systems.
Organizational Skills: Formation, orientation, and alignment of numerals; procedure for setting up single- and multi-digit additions; sequence for attacking word problems.
The Checkbook: Sub-skills necessary for keeping a checkbook.
Word Problems: Hierarchical introduction of one-sentence word problems involving concrete language to three-sentence problems involving abstract language (addition).
Money: Reading, writing (to dictation), and making amounts from $0.01 to $999.99.
Base 10 Structures: Visual and auditory discrimination exercises that enable students to generate an image of the inner and outer structures of the whole and rational number systems.
Rounding and Estimating: Bigger vs. smaller and ordering 0-9.
Fractions: Pennies and dimes as part of a dollar. Separation of whole and rational numbers concretely.
Building Self Esteem: Special skills, sequence, and memory aides enable students to succeed consistently. Reward system involving chip trading, money, and place value provides immediate and long-term gratification.
Developing Thinking Skills: Participation in Semple Math dialogs requires students to think, compare, analyze, and make decisions at every step of the learning process.

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