Complete Level Three Set

Complete Level Three Set

Scope and Sequence Numerations: Review and expansion of skills from Levels I and II.
Operations: Concept of multiplication, multiplication facts, long multiplication, regrouping in multiplication, multiplication with zero, and commutative property of multiplication. Review of addition and subtraction.
Place Value: Concepts taught in Levels I and II applied to addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
Organizational Skills: Procedures for setting up long multiplication and attacking word problems involving multiplication. Review of Levels I and II.
Money: Introduction of nickels, half dollars, and five-dollar bills in the change-making process. Interrelation of nickels, half dollars, and five-dollar bills with the Base 10 value structures. Review of Level I and II.
Rounding and Estimating: Review and reinforcement of rounding off skills and concept.
Fractions: Introduction of concept of one-half as it relates to money, shape, and Base 10. Review of Levels I and II.
Building Self-Esteem: Continued employment of success as a motivator with a built-in reward system.
Developing Thinking Skills: Questioning techniques in the form of dialogs require students to think and make decisions.

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